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The Reserve Police Officers Association 
A nonprofit charitable and educational organization founded in 1996 that is dedicated to the support of law enforcement, with an emphasis on the role of Reserve and Auxiliary Police programs and officers.


 The 2012 RPOA International Reserve Police Conference

  was hosted by the Baltimore County, Md. Police Department

  on October 2-7, 2012


  Conference Program
  Agencies  Attending

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RPOA Presents Plaque at its October 2012 Intl. Reserve Police Conference in Maryland
to Los Angeles County Reserve Deputy Sheriff Shervin Lalezary
in recognition of his dedication and courage in effecting this arrest.
(See photo below.)


L. A. arson suspect is arrested by a Reserve Deputy.......

CLICK HERE FOR NEWS ARTICLE.............. (courtesy




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How the RPOA Supports Reserve and Auxiliary Programs and Officers:


Creating public awareness and support of the existence and contributions of reserve and auxiliary law enforcement programs.


Financial assistance for disabled reserve and career law enforcement officers and to the families of those who have died in the line of duty.  A roll of honor for reserve officers who have died in the line of duty is maintained on the Association's website.


Donation of equipment to law enforcement agencies with a particular emphasis on those which have reserve or auxiliary units. (See latest RPOA donations)


Providing training opportunities to reserve, auxiliary and special law enforcement officers at conferences and other venues.


Serving as a contact point and clearing house for information on reserve and auxiliary law enforcement programs.


Facilitating communication and the sharing of ideas between programs throughout the nation.


RPOA Members receive the best Disability and Accidental Death Insurance available! 


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